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Financial Solutions and Expertise division


Created on April 1, 2019, BPCE’s Financial Solutions and Expertise (FSE) division comprises the former Natixis Specialized Financial Services (BPCE Factor, BPCE Lease, Compagnie Européenne de Garanties et Cautions, BPCE Financement and EuroTitres), Crédit Foncier subsidiaries specialized in financing for real estate professionals and advisory services (Socfim and CFI) as well as Pramex International, an offshoot of BPCE International. FSE combines expertise in the financing, advisory and custodial services business lines. This new division reflects the Group’s goal of focusing its activities on retail banking in a bid to accelerate its development for the benefit of cooperative shareholders and customers alike.


around 162,500 leases. Already operating in Spain and Italy, this year BPCE Lease opened its doors in Belgium. In addition to implementing a new system to help corporate customers make the energy transition, BPCE Lease rolled out a new operational vehicle leasing offer for individual customers in 2019 via subsidiary BPCE Personal Car Lease. CEGC Compagnie Européenne de Garanties et Cautions (CEGC) offers a wide range of financial guarantees across all Groupe BPCE markets, including individual, professional and corporate customers, and real estate, social economy and social housing sectors. In 2019, CEGC guaranteed home loans for individual customers totaling more than €35 billion. All businesses combined, revenue generated with the Caisses d’Epargne and the Banque Populaire banks rose 19% and 37%, respectively. One of the highlights of 2019 was the delivery of new digital tools for individual, professional and corporate customers. Socfim As the leader on the real estate development financing market (1) (real estate developers, real estate agents, development funds, etc.), with more than 2 million m 2 of commercial real estate and 59,788 homes currently being financed, i.e. loan outstandings exceeding €7 billion, Socfin expanded its expertise in 2019 to become Groupe BPCE’s real estate financing specialist after taking over CFF’s long-term investors business. It now covers all real estate professional requirements (short term, long term, corporate finance, round tables).

BPCE Factor develops factoring solutions for companies of all sizes, covering their entire growth process (set-up, development, acquisitions, international expansion, etc.). Factored receivables stabilized at over €59 billion in 2019. In keeping with the 2018 launch of Pro Zen, a commitment-free offer with usage-based pricing for professional customers, this year BPCE Factor launched “Pro Zen Créateurs” for companies less than 18 months old. Since 2017, BPCE Factor has been the only factoring company to receive certification for its range of customer services from Bureau Véritas, renewed in November 2019. BPCE Financement BPCE Financement develops comprehensive revolving and personal loan solutions for the Groupe BPCE networks, with loan outstandings totaling €26.4 billion. In 2019, BPCE Financement broadened its range of operations by partnering with CASDEN to develop consumer finance with its cooperative shareholders. BPCE Lease BPCE Lease, the No. 2 real estate leasing company in France (1) , offers a comprehensive range of leasing solutions: non-real estate and real estate leasing, operational vehicle leasing, leasing with option to buy (yachts or automobiles), operational IT leasing and renewable energy financing. At end-2019, BPCE Lease and its subsidiaries recorded lease outstandings of €13.9 billion, representing an inventory of

(1) Internal analysis.



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