BPCE - 2019 Universal Registration Document


professional gender equality certification confirmed and twenty others were audited in late 2018 or 2019. This certification meets the requirements set out in the specifications and expert opinion. The Group also follows a methodology to identify pay gaps between men and women. This should reduce pay gaps and harmonize salaries at recruitment, in particular at the highest levels.

The employment rate of persons with disabilities stands at 5.03% for the two networks, while the legal requirement is 6% and the national average is 3.4%. Groupe BPCE has notably developed initiatives designed to encourage direct and indirect employment: sourcing initiatives to help companies with their recruitment: • participation in the Talents Handicap recruitment fairs in March, May, and November 2019. Throughout the year, the Group is also present on specialized websites agefiph.fr and handibanque.fr, and on social media, in particular through its partnership with the blog Talentéo.fr; it renewed its partnership with the GESAT network in 2019. • This partnership is helping to increase the indirect employment rate while promoting the use of companies working with people with disabilities; the Group also entered into a partnership in 2017 with the • UPTIH (professional union of independent workers with disabilities). This partnership is helping to increase the indirect employment rate while promoting the selection of independent workers with disabilities. The Group will also be closely monitoring the legal and regulatory changes related to the Employment of Disabled Workers Obligation under the Pénicaud Act (promoting the freedom to choose one’s future career). EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES Following on from action taken since 2010 with the Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (Our Neighborhoods Have Talent) association, Groupe BPCE participated in the national plan in support of disadvantaged neighborhoods and the PaQte agreement between the government and corporations. As a result, four priority initiatives will be rolled out in the coming months: raising awareness of working life among young people • through internships and school presentations by employees; facilitating access to apprenticeships to allow young people • from disadvantaged neighborhoods to enter employment and to diversify the Group’s talent pool; promoting non-discriminatory hiring methods; • developing purchases from suppliers located in neighborhoods • identified as priority areas according to French urban policy.


Men 56.3 %

Women 43.7 %

To bolster the agreements and action plans in place at each company of the Group, two gender equality agreements were signed in June 2018 – one for the Banques Populaires and one for the Caisses d’Epargne. These agreements establish a framework for companies in both networks. They provide support for the networks in their internal negotiations and allow for concrete actions to promote gender equality. Creation of women’s networks Created in 2012, the women’s network of Groupe BPCE (“Les Elles de BPCE”, or “The Women of BPCE”) currently has a membership of over 400 women and 29 local networks. In line with the HR policy promoting gender equality, these networks are valuable forums for discussion and mutual assistance. A COMMITMENT TO PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES In 2019, Groupe BPCE continued to support the employment of persons with disabilities in accordance with the agreements signed with the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne employee representative networks, which were renewed for the 2017-2019 period. DEVELOPING EMPLOYABILITY FOSTERING SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Transforming our businesses by creating conditions to develop skills and enhance employee value is a priority.

Professional training initiatives in 2019 followed on from measures taken under the TEC 2020 strategic plan in 2018.




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