BPCE - 2018 Registration document


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Participation in the FBF’s Green Supporting Factor project Groupe BPCE actively contributed to the FBF’s work on the Green Supporting Factor (GSF), aimed at promoting the funding of the energy transition by reducing capital requirements on green assets and using the freed-up capital to finance new projects. GSF-eligible counterparties include all economic operators financed through either retail banking or corporate and investment banking institutions. Launch of a fund to protect the oceans To meet the challenges arising from the depletion of marine resources, in particular in the oceans, which are threatened by over-fishing, climate change and rising pollution, in 2018, Mirova launched the Althelia Sustainable Ocean Fund, which aims to raise over $100 million to finance companies that have a sustainable business model and that seek to mitigate their impact. Launch of a renewable energy investment fund, EUROFIDEME 4 Mirova launched its fourth renewable energy infrastructure fund in 2018. Because there is considerable need for investments in infrastructure to produce renewable energy as well as to store it and develop e-mobility solutions in order to meet ambitious European greenhouse gas emission targets, the fund has extended its scope to incorporate these activities. It aims to raise € 500 million.


Registration document 2018

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