BPCE - 2018 Registration document

1 PRESENTATION OF GROUPE BPCE Groupe BPCE’s business lines

Corporate and institutional customers The Banque Populaire network is the leading bank for SMEs (1) . It further consolidated its positions in the SME segment this year through robust sales initiatives, with the number of active corporate customers up 3.9%. By acting locally, Banque Populaire has become one of the leading providers of equipment loans, with outstandings up 9.3% to € 22.4 billion in 2018. Every day, the Banque Populaire network offers solutions designed to assist CEOs, particularly in terms of cash flow and payment management. Innovation ● A third counter-guarantee agreement was signed with the European Investment Fund under the European InnovFin program to fund plans aimed at improving the innovation and competitiveness of SMEs. The budget earmarked for the Banque Populaire banks, EIF’s leading partner for such guarantee programs, is € 500 million. Thanks to the EIF, the Innov&Plus medium-term loan serves to finance innovation at below-market rates, with amounts ranging from € 25,000 to € 7.5 million over terms of two to ten years, including a possible two-year deferral. Start-ups and innovative companies can also count on Next Innov, a top pro-innovation banking network with more than 70 certified business centers, over 100 specially trained advisors and multiple regional partnerships. 2018 initiatives included: a partnership with Bpifrance to pool their expertise in favor of innovative companies; a partnership with Estimeo, which specializes in rating start-ups; the creation of 1,000 m 2 of collaborative workspace for innovative entrepreneurs at the heart of the Saclay plateau called “Terrasse Discovery +X”, with Crédit Coopératif Crédit Coopératif, the leading bank for the social & solidarity-based economy and engaged citizens, firmly believes in a different way of banking. Its new media campaign, “Le pouvoir de nous”, speaks to the power of banks and customers working together for a more humanitarian economy. In 2018, Crédit Coopératif migrated to Caisse d’Epargne’s information system, which allowed it to launch new services and applications. It teamed up with Natixis Financement to develop consumer loans and launched an attractive financing offer for clean cars to be used in company car fleets. It set up a fund with Caisse des Dépôts and Ircantec (3) to invest in citizen-sponsored renewable energy projects. As the leader in solidarity-based savings and financial products, led by the Agir range, Crédit Coopératif distributed total donations of € 2.6 million to associations in 2018. It entered into partnerships with Doctors Without Borders, which was issued the Agir card, and with Groupe Action Logement, a leading player in social and intermediate housing, to help it expand in the home loan market.

a one-stop-shop for business support and guidance; and the first Banque Populaire start-up award (“Next Step” award). Internationalization ● The highly comprehensive Next International program provides daily support to businesses through a team of around 60 business managers specializing in international trade and Connector, an alliance of 15 banks covering 45 countries. Next International also facilitates the establishment and development of businesses abroad, in partnership with Pramex International, the leading French consultant to SMEs and ISEs looking to establish international operations and deals, and the top manager of SME foreign subsidiaries. Financial engineering ● No. 3 in capital transactions and M&A advisory services for VSEs, SMEs and ISEs (2) , the Banque Populaire banks have built up a nationwide financial engineering organization. Eighty employees advise companies and provide them with business disposal-transmission, structured financing and private equity solutions. The Banque Populaire Financial Engineering brand expanded its presence among CEOs and expert clients with a separate financial engineering website, a highly consulted opportunity base, communication campaigns and targeted partnerships.

126,500 corporate customers 246,800 associations and institutional customers No. 1 bank for SMEs, 41% are customers (1) € 22.4bn in MLT loans, +9.3%

The Ecofi Enjeux Futurs fund, managed by its subsidiary Ecofi Investissements, was twice honored this year: ranked second by Gestion de Fortune in the Global SRI Equities category and receiving the Performance Award from Pyramides de la Gestion de patrimoine in the International Equities category. Crédit Coopératif launched the first Request for Projects at the end of the year for Envolée, an incubator for grassroots social inclusion, established in Saint-Denis (Ile-de-France). The call went out to entrepreneurs interested in serving the greater good through innovation.

101,200 cooperative shareholders 444,000 customers € 2.6m in donations, raised from solidarity-based products, distributed to 53 associations

2017 Kantar TNS survey (1) 2017 Fusacq ranking published in February 2018 (2) Institution in charge of supplementary pensions for non-permanent staff working for State local authorities (3)


Registration document 2018

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