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NON-FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE REPORT Responsible internal practices

The Group is not able to differentiate absences related specifically to occupational illness, which are very rare in the banking sector. Absenteeism is a real concern for the Group and its companies. To better identify absenteeism and more accurately distinguish its causes in order to take more targeted action, the Group provides its companies with a structured system for identifying, analyzing, taking action and preventing absenteeism. Solutions to analyze and measure absenteeism are also available. EMPLOYMENT AND HR OPERATIONS Digitization and urbanization: key concerns of the Group HR information system teams The Group’s HR IT solutions continue to evolve, with a dual objective of making HR teams more efficient and offering applicants and employees a simple, innovative experience. When hiring, Group companies use an application that reduces the amount of data applicants need to input. Selected applicants use an Onboarding solution that facilitates their acclimation by communicating with them before they start working for the Group. They can sign their employment contract electronically. HR teams track the process using tools that significantly cut down on routine administrative tasks. Data quality is one of the main concerns of the HR IT teams which, governed by all Group companies, prioritize their work based on regulatory deadlines and performance enhancements. Work on the HubRH solution, which transfers documents and data between HR information systems, is ongoing and documents signed in Docusign ( e.g. administrative documents sent by future employees via the OnBoarding application) are automatically sent to Virtu@lis (employee administrative record storage solution). At the end of the year, a project was initiated to staff with a single groupwide HR ID. The Group had to keep a close watch on regulations governing payroll solutions, with additional changes made to clarify pay slips, government measures aimed at boosting purchasing power implemented and technical preparations launched for the application of withholding tax and the merger of the AGIRC/ARCO pension schemes starting in January 2019. A support scheme was organized in the last quarter of 2018 to prepare employees for the introduction of withholding tax. In addition to providing training for HR payroll experts, issuing notices to employees, organizing webinars for non-payroll HR teams and an e-learning course for employees, the Group HR IT team also created a chatbot for all Group companies that answers questions in natural language. The chatbot was co-developed with an AI software publisher and an HR consulting firm.

predictive employment analysis based on reliable, consistent criteria for the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne networks and in close cooperation with the French trade associations for banking (AFB) and insurance. To this end, as a complement to the quantitative reports, a qualitative study was carried out in 2018 under the auspices of the National Labor Relations Commission (CPNE) for the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne professional networks. The topic of review in 2018, jointly selected by the OPMQCs (Forward-Looking Careers, Skills and Qualifications Observatories) of the BP and CE branches, was: “The outlook and issues facing remote customer relations activities: possible changes ahead and how to provide HR support.” At the same time, the Group Career Observatory (instituted by the Group’s Strategic Workforce Planning agreement, signed in 2011 and renewed for the second time in 2018) identified and analyzed professions subject to substantial changes in the number of staff and/or skills required. This information has helped steer employment policies in a forward-thinking direction by seeking to specifically prioritize whichever forms of assistance are deemed necessary, while sharing and encouraging discussion with management and labor representatives regarding the future of our business lines, skills and qualifications. INTERNATIONAL LABOR ORGANIZATION Groupe BPCE pursues growth in accordance with fundamental human and social rights wherever it does business. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining Each entity monitors compliance with rules on freedom of association and working conditions in respect of its international activities. Elimination of forced labor and abolition of child labor In accordance with the Group’s adherence to the Global Compact, each entity abstains from using forced or compulsory labor or child labor, within the meaning of ILO conventions, even if local laws authorize such practices. Elimination of discrimination in employment In its procurement policy, Groupe BPCE refers to its sustainable development policy, its adherence to the Global Compact and its commitments and to founding texts such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the international conventions of the International Labor Organization. Suppliers undertake to respect these agreements in their countries of operation by signing contracts containing specific clauses to that end. One of the commitments of the Global Compact concerns respect for Human Rights.


Career Observatory

Because it operates under a system of multiple labor agreements and professional networks, Groupe BPCE has instituted a method of


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