Assystem - 2018 Register document





1966 TO 1995: THE NUCLEAR YEARS The Assystem Group’s history began in 1966, when a team of nuclear engineers and technicians in France created Atem, a company specialised in the commissioning of industrial units. The Group’s business development was subsequently driven by the major nuclear equipment programme put in place by the French State after the first oil crisis in 1973. In the 1980s, Atem began to diversify into project management, mainly in industrial automation and IT, and working with clients in sectors such as automotive, steel, space and defence. In 1989, Atem teamed up with Cogema to form Alphatem, a company that was dedicated to testing and commissioning equipment and facilities purchased under Cogema’s capital expenditure programmes (an irradiated fuel reprocessing plant in the Hague and the Melox plant in the Gard region of France which produces MOX fuel assemblies). In 1994, Atem and Alphatem merged to create Assystem, which was floated on the Paris stock exchange (Second Marché) in 1995. 1996 TO 2003: BUSINESS DIVERSIFICATION 1996 marked the end of the investment cycle for construction of new industrial facilities (nuclear power stations and reprocessing plants) in the nuclear industry in France and the rest of the world and the start of a new era for Assystem. The Company began to diversify into product design and development for the aeronautics and automotive sectors (with the acquisition of Studia in France), whilst retaining its specific skills and expertise in the nuclear sector. 2003 TO 2016: INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT In 2003, the merger with Brime Technologies allowed Assystem to penetrate the new technologies sector and opened the way for the Group to go global. The Group then carried out several significant acquisitions in 2004 and 2005, which changed its structure and enabled it to expand its client portfolio: Inbis Ltd in the United Kingdom (an industrial engineering group working in the aeronautics, automotive and nuclear industries) and SKI Team and Atena in Germany. In 2008, Assystem consolidated its presence in India by creating Silver Atena which brought together Silver Software (a company based in India specialised in embedded safety-critical systems) and the Germany company, Atena. In 2010, Assystem joined forces with the UK engineering company, Atkins, to create Nuclear Atkins Assystem Alliance (“N.triple.a”) an engineering company specialising in the nuclear sector and dedicated to international projects. Also in that year, the Group was one of the four founders of the Engage consortium, which it owns equally with Atkins, EGIS (a French engineering company) and Empresarios Agrupados

(a Spanish engineering company). ENGAGE won the contract for overseeing the construction of the buildings for the world’s largest fusion reactor (the ITER project). In 2011 and 2012, Assystem acquired Berner & Mattner (embedded systems for the automotive industry in Germany) and the MPH Group (nuclear engineering in France and staffing of consultants specialising in Oil & Gas and Industry in the Middle East and Africa). Since then, Assystem has strengthened its operating presence in the Middle East through the following: ● in September 2013 it based the Executive Management Department for the Energy & Infrastructure division in Dubai; ● in January 2015 it acquired Radicon – an engineering company with 400 employees based in Al Khobar and Riyad in Saudi Arabia – which enabled Assystem to double its size in the Arabian Gulf region and win market share in the infrastructure, energy and transport sectors; ● in June 2016 it acquired a 51% interest in the Turkish engineering company Envy (since renamed Assystem Envy) – a well-established player in Turkey’s engineering services market, operating primarily in the energy and transport sectors. Assystem Envy is involved in two nuclear power station construction projects: Akkuyu (a Rosatom project) and Sinop (an Atmea project). Rosatom – which is a leading operator and supplier of nuclear power stations – is a major client for Assystem Envy. The acquisition of Envy was strategically important for Assystem in view of the expansion opportunities it offers in numerous geographic regions. In 2016, several strategic partnerships and acquisitions were finalised, including: ● the formation of MOMENTUM – a consortium equally-owned by Amec Foster Wheeler (since acquired by Wood), Assystem Engineering and Operation Services and KEPCO E&C) – which was named construction management-as-agent contractor for an international project involving the assembly of over a million components for the ITER fusion reactor. MOMENTUM will play a key role in the international effort to make fusion a viable source of almost limitless carbon-free energy, ● the acquisition of the entire capital of Onyx Promavi, a France- based company specialised in project planning, cost control, deadline management and risk management for major French and international infrastructure projects, ● the acquisition of the entire capital of BATIR Group, a French engineering company specialised in nuclear civil engineering and technical and architectural synthesis using BIM (Building Information Modelling); ● For the Energy & Infrastructure (E&I) division:

● for the Global Product Solutions (GPS) division:

● the acquisition of a controlling interest in Aerotec Concept, a well-established player in the airplane/helicopter refurbishment




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