Assystem - 2018 Register document


We are contributing the expertise of a team of engineers who have been working on an Intermodal Station project and the Unavoidable Energy Recovery program; ● since 2015, we have participated in the Systematic Paris-Region global competitiveness cluster which federates and leads an ecosystem of excellence comprising over 800 industrial groups, SMEs and research institutions with the aim of developing the Paris region’s attractiveness. Projects concern the sectors of the future, such as energy, telecoms, healthcare, transport, information systems, factory of the future, digital cities and security;

● in 2015, the Group became the first member of the new Coboteam cluster, as a demonstration of its commitment to the development of the robotics industry in the Rhône-Alpes region, in South Eastern France; ● Assystem is a founder member of the Ingera2 cluster set up to promote the engineering sector among companies, high schools and engineering schools in the Rhône-Alpes region. Ingera2 is also creating a research and innovation centre to promote collaborative working between companies and schools and/or to provide funding for university chairs.

Responsible purchasing – a structured strategy Sustainable development considerations are an integral part of our purchasing policies and we expect subcontractors and suppliers to uphold the same values, particularly in terms of ethics, diversity and environmental protection. Subcontractors and suppliers are chosen for their technical expertise, service quality and compliance with the rules governing concealed work (based in particular on an analysis of the certificates (attestations) filed via the online platform operated by our partner, However, their sustainable development initiatives are also a factor in the selection process. Purchases are organised in four families:


● purchases of intellectual services;

● purchases of studies and/or execution services; ● purchases of goods and/or components;

● purchases classified as general and administrative expenses.

In France, our Mission Handicap team promotes outsourcing of maintenance work to “EA” and “ESAT” companies specialised in employing people with disabilities. In 2018, Assystem was a partner of the Salon Handicap Emploi & Achats Responsables event which promotes employment of people with disabilities and responsible purchasing practices. Information and encouragement campaigns are organised regularly among the people responsible for purchasing these services and a catalogue of identified service providers is available on the Group’s Intranet.



● improvement of students’ living conditions, notably through scholarships; ● design of teaching resources and equipment; such as simulation tools and 3D printers; ● dissemination of knowledge about energy challenges and low carbon energy solutions. We have signed a corporate sponsorship agreement with INSA Lyon covering the period until 2022. Our commitments under the partnership include providing support to students from disadvantage backgrounds throughout their studies in the form of scholarships and mentoring by our teams of engineers. GENDER EQUALITY Assystem supports and partners employees in their community outreach undertakings. As part of the gender balance programme, we sponsor many women’s sports events and we also supported an employee who took part in a women’s rally in Africa.

Corporate sponsorship In France, the Group has launched several corporate sponsorship initiatives. We hire many students each year and support the educational community through a variety of programmes. EDUCATION Assystem is a founder member of the INSTN Foundation set up by France’s Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires under the aegis of Fondation de France. We are also a corporate sponsor of the Foundation whose objective is to develop and enhance training initiatives to support the nuclear industry and the development of low- carbon energy sources. The main initiatives concern: ● creation of teaching chairs covering scientific and technological knowledge that is critical to the success of nuclear projects;




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