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Two innovation competitions in the area of energy transition The Spark! Contest is a competition launched by one of our employees for current and former students of higher education in the UK and France aged between 18 and 30. The aim is to bring together today’s industry leaders with those of tomorrow in order to apply innovative and novel thinking to contemporary energy challenges. The fourth edition organised in 2018 invited entrants to propose ideas on the theme of What would you launch? The next start-up to disrupt the Franco-British low-carbon energy economy . Finalists who made it through to the second phase were invited to a two-day workshop in London, organised in early 2019, during which they received mentoring and advice from leaders of the Franco-British energy industry. Innovatome is the French nuclear industry’s innovation competition giving students and early career professionals an opportunity to come up with new ideas and propose products that will transform the global nuclear enterprise. This initiative, which was supported by Assystem for the third year running, is an opportunity for young employees to develop new skills, meet nuclear industry executives and experts and put their creativeness to work for the benefit of this low carbon energy source.




industry (two centres), the pharmaceutical industry (one centre in Brussels) and the digital sector; ● co-development and innovation-sharing projects (see Section 3.4.1) ; ● an employee training strategy aligned with the challenges facing our evolving businesses (see Section 3.3.5) . Project delivery: fulfilling our delivery commitments is part of our corporate DNA. Clients recognise our ability to swiftly adapt our organisation and resource allocation to meet their needs, and to fulfil the demands and specifications that are essential to their project’s success. Our engineers support and partner complex projects. We therefore give priority to meeting the challenges of planning and executing these projects, managing the associated risks, and ensuring that the projects come in on time and on budget. These challenges have been addressed by setting up an organisation built around Technical and Project Departments, and processes that classify projects according to their critical importance. These are backed by detailed indicators and management tools to ensure our project-related commitments are fulfilled. Examples of projects and engagements In the nuclear industry, we are involved in a large number of R&D projects and new build projects in France and internationally. These include the ITER project in Cadarache (France), EPR projects in Flamanville (France), Hinkley Point (United Kingdom), Taishan (China) and Olkiluoto (Finland), projects with Russia’s Rosatom teams in Turkey and Egypt, and with South Korea’s Kepco teams in the United Arab Emirates. By working alongside EDF, Framatome, Orano and France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), we have acquired a significant breadth and depth of expertise in engineering services related to nuclear plant design, construction, commissioning, life-cycle maintenance, life extension, decommissioning and waste management. Our expertise now extends upstream from design services to siting services and to the environmental monitoring services performed for our client K.A. CARE.

To meet the challenge of global warming, families and individuals need to rethink their way of life and consumption habits, politicians need to set an example by bringing in new regulations, and companies need to modify their industrial processes. This behavioural change will be supported by new tools and new technologies invented and developed by engineers. Research scientists develop solutions and test them in the laboratory. It is then the turn of the engineers to co-build and deploy these innovations at client sites, contributing directly to more sustainable growth. Policy and commitments By building safer, more connected and lower carbon installations, the engineers’ creativeness combined with their complex project engineering skills contribute to improving their clients’ financial and non-financial performance. We are committed to delivering the best possible response to industry needs based on a two-pronged strategy: Client engagement: our organisation is geared to listening to clients and coming up with ideas to address their needs, thanks to: ● our agile, client-centric organisation that has abolished traditional silos; ● a CRM system that provides us with an accurate overview of the status of clients’ projects; ● annual satisfaction surveys conducted among our main nuclear industry clients in France and the United Kingdom. In 2018, the 200 respondents awarded our services an average satisfaction rate of 90% and a 95% confidence rate; ● specialised expertise centres located close to our clients in the nuclear industry (three centres, in France and the United Kingdom), the energy




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