Assystem - 2018 Register document



3.3.4 WORKPLACE HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELL- BEING: A PRIORITY We believe that our employees’ health, safety and well-being are a key source of competitive advantage. Our safety culture is an important driver of internal cohesion and it also helps us to maintain the confidence of our clients and partners. Health and safety It is our responsibility to prevent and manage health and safety risks at our own facilities and also at those of our clients. We are committed to guaranteeing safe working conditions for our employees – including when they are working at our clients’ sites – especially in particularly sensitive nuclear environments. POLICY AND COMMITMENT We have addressed this broad responsibility by drawing up a health and safety charter and setting up an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system covering nearly all of our international sites. In 2018, we pursued this policy by obtaining ISO 45001 certification of AEOS’s facilities in France. Assystem was the first engineering firm to earn this new certification, which offers a more participative and collaborative governance system than OHSAS 18001. The ISO 45001 certification process led us to take the following measures:

● expand OH&S governance: the new standard treats health and safety as an integral and essential part of the operational management process, with a broad vision covering technical, legal, environmental, commercial and cultural aspects of occupational health and safety. The strategy goes beyond regulatory compliance by aiming to improve performance and risk prevention as close as possible to where the risks occur. As part of the process, we expanded our existing organisation and appointed an OH&S Officer in each Business Unit with responsibility for the operational management of the OH&S strategy; ● identify and consult concerned stakeholders: a fundamental requirement of the standard is to take the organisation’s ecosystem into account when determining health and safety risks. The aim is to guarantee a safe and secure workplace for managers, employees, suppliers and outside partners. The Health, Safety & working Conditions Committee, employee representatives and employees are involved in the consultation process and are invited to take part in the strategy, with a view to making them more accountable and securing their buy-in for our workplace health, safety and well-being measures; ● increase internal communication: we have launched an internal OH&S social network which will publish regular information about employees’ obligations and responsibilities and the results of our OH&S policy. A person has recently been hired to lead this communication effort.


New reporting system In 2018, we set up a new business intelligence system in France to report and monitor employee health and safety information in real time, based on 18 specific indicators, and check compliance with legal requirements according to three criteria: ● employee health monitoring: medical check-ups, specific training, exposure check-lists to determine whether employees are fit to work on a new engagement; ● project security monitoring: risk analyses, management of risk prevention plans, identification of all the exposure risks associated with a new engagement;

● security incidents and workplace accident reporting.

Preventing psycho-social risks is a key concern for the Group and management is keenly aware of situations that could make employees feel vulnerable or experience a loss of confidence, such as: ● exceptionally complex projects with very short deadlines, where the support and encouragement of all the teams involved is important; ● the on-bench periods that are a feature of Assystem’s business model, leading to professional and geographic mobility issues for the consultants concerned who receive effective support from the Group; ● individual situations (such as extended periods of ill health or the loss of a loved one) and group situations (such as a state of emergency) that temporarily affect the life of employees. We have a long-standing proactive strategy to address these risks, through a duty of care network made up of members of the Health, Safety & Working Conditions Committee, the directors of the regional offices,

ACTION PLANS Although a certain number of adjustments had to be made to implement ISO 45001, we already had a long-standing health and safety culture based on a constant improvement process. We have developed a four- pronged health and safety strategy: Prevent and reduce major physical and psychosocial risks Assystem is an engineering company and its exposure to the risk of serious accidents is therefore limited. Physical risks mainly concern slipping and falling (35% of accidents), road accidents (35%), dizziness (20%) and occupational technical gestures (10%).




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