Assystem - 2018 Register document




events in the life of the Group in a climate of trust and openness. It is organised as follows: ● at local level, social dialogue is led by the unit managers and HR managers, who discuss local issues with employee representatives. In addition, employee health and safety issues are discussed regularly with the Health, Safety & Working Conditions Committee, the Health, Safety & Environment Department and local managers; ● at national level, monthly meetings are organised between employee representatives, the trade unions and country management. These meetings are an opportunity to share information with employees on the Group’s strategy or HR policy; ● at international level, live chats are organised between senior management and employees three to four times a year. In 2018, all employee representatives in France were invited to a one- day information meeting that included time for an exchange of views with members of management. The meeting was an opportunity to provide an overview of the Group’s strategy. In the afternoon, a question and answer session was organised on employment and HR issues. Overview of collective agreements Two collective agreements were signed in France in 2018 on the following topics: This agreement concerns benefit plans for the employees of Assystem Care France, the Company created through the 2018 merger of BQG France and the Life Sciences Business Unit of Assystem Engineering and Operation Services (AEOS). It extends to all Assystem Care France employees and interns all the benefits available under the collective agreements in force at AEOS. GENDER EQUALITY AGREEMENT A new gender equality agreement has been signed, extending the earlier agreements. Unusually, employees were asked to vote on the agreement and 87% of them voted in favour of its signature. The aim is to address the following gender balance issues within the Group: AGREEMENT ON EMPLOYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS AT ASSYSTEM CARE

● promotions, mobility and career development;

work life balance;

● employee awareness of gender equality issues. The agreement sets ambitious goals in each area, backed by action plans and performance indicators. These agreements add to the collection of agreements signed in prior years that are still in full force and effect (covering such issues as employment of disabled persons, the right to disconnect, employee profit- sharing and time savings accounts, and teleworking). They contribute to Assystem’s performance by strengthening employee engagement and promoting dialogue with elected employee representatives. Organisation of working hours We ensure that employees work in a safe, respectful and pleasant environment, in line with our belief that happy employees are motivated and productive employees. ACTION PLAN AND RESULTS We have backed up this policy by issuing a work/life balance charter and we also support employees during important life events such as the birth of a child, a serious illness or an accident, as well as proposing flexible working arrangements. The Group’s organisation and processes are designed to promote employee empowerment, initiative and accountability. In 2018, the absentee rate in France was 3.45%. Adopting new forms of work A teleworking agreement was signed with trade union representatives in 2017. Teleworking has many social, financial and environmental benefits. The agreement provides a protective and structured framework for eligible employees, who are given the option of working from home one or two days a week. It gives employees more flexibility and independence in organising their working hours. By limiting commuting time and reducing tiredness, stress and the related risks, teleworking enables employees to enjoy a better work/ life balance. This solution is also a factor of social inclusion, by making it easier to employ people with disabilities or suffering from a chronic illness. Since the agreement was signed, the number of teleworkers has increase by around 10%, mainly in the Paris region. Tools have been developed to facilitate teleworking. These include our internal social network, Yammer, which enables the many internal communities to chat and share their knowledge, and a new document-sharing tool.

● hiring and gender balance in the various businesses; ● changing mentalities in favour of gender equality;

gender pay gaps;

An innovative system for employees who are on the bench Innovation is part of Assystem’s DNA and we actively promote this culture within the organisation and through specific programmes. To stimulate team creativeness, engineers who have finished one engagement and are waiting for a new one to begin are invited to join the R&D unit and work on ground-breaking technological solutions such as the use of 3-D Building Information Modelling (BIM) in engineering projects. They can also devote the time to community outreach initiatives, such as the Handroide exoskeleton project to develop a wheelchair that enables people with reduced mobility to pass obstacles more easily, thereby facilitating their access to industrial sites. This type of project is financed in part by the French research tax credits generated by the Innovation unit’s R&D activities.




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