Assystem - 2018 Register document


DIGITAL AS A GROWTH DRIVER The digital revolution is transforming the engineering industry, both in terms of client requirements and the very nature of the engineering profession. Our clients’ infrastructure is becoming increasingly digitalised, and project management today has to factor in interactions between a growing number of players as well as ever-stricter safety and environmental regulations. Optimising performance and complying with regulatory constraints require the continuous data management and traceability that new digital technologies provide. Assystem has built up strong expertise to support its clients in their digital transformation processes. In 2018 we significantly reinforced our innovation and digitalisation capacities, to be ahead of the curve in this area and not only meet, but also anticipate, our clients’ needs. This assertive positioning is already paying off in the services we are providing to our clients in the nuclear and public transport sectors. Going forward, the digital revolution is clearly opening up new development opportunities for Assystem. As we embark on 2019, our strategy is to remain focused on our principal growth drivers, while leveraging our innovation capabilities across all of our activities.

contracts was with K.A.CARE, the authority in charge of developing renewable and nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia, and the two others are with the Russian group, Rosatom, the world’s largest exporter of nuclear technology. We also continued to expand our complex infrastructure engineering activities for other sectors in 2018, particularly in railway transport and life sciences. Our long-standing expertise in the nuclear industry gives us a significant advantage in these domains, which also have strict regulatory and safety constraints. Our close working relationships with large French organisations in charge of projects to extend and modernise rail transport infrastructure were further strengthened in 2018, creating new growth opportunities in this area. Also during the year, we finalised the formation of Assystem Care, which is now fully equipped to partner its clients in France, Belgium and Switzerland. And lastly, Assystem now owns a 38.2% interest in Expleo Group, alongside Ardian, allowing us to remain closely involved in the value created by this dynamic new outfit which saw particularly robust growth in 2018, both like for like and acquisition-led.

Dominique Louis




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