Assystem - 2018 Register document

RISK GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT RISK GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT Fair business practices Employing fair business practices is one of the Group’s key priorities. In accordance with the requirements of French Act 2016-1691 dated 9 December 2016 (known as the “Sapin II Act”), the Group has put in place a policy to combat corruption and influence peddling. This policy takes the form of: ● a specific Code of Conduct aimed at combating the two issues, as recommended by the French Anti-Corruption Agency, as well as dedicated internal policies based on an update to the Group’s risk map, including: ● a policy for preventing and detecting corruption and influence peddling, covering areas such as corporate gifts and invitations,

● a corporate sponsorship and philanthropy policy,

● a whistleblowing policy;

● an independent Legal Affairs & Compliance Department, which is in charge of deploying the overall policy across the Group (both in and outside France). Ethical considerations have also been an integral part of the Group’s purchasing policies for many years and it expects its subcontractors and suppliers to uphold the same values. Although sub-contractors and suppliers are chosen for their technical expertise, service quality and compliance – notably with the rules governing concealed work (in particular, presentation of the “e-attestation” compliance certificate required in France) – their ethical practices and sustainable development initiatives are also a factor in the selection process.





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