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maintenance and systems integration, which are particularly adapted to the public transport infrastructure sector. Helping Thales with the underground railway extension in Doha (Qatar) In 2018, through its local staffing subsidiary, MPH, Assystem contributed to the works being conducted by the Thales Group to extend the underground railway network in Doha (Qatar). The Group deployed an on-site team of around 200 people for Thales, who notably took part in overseeing the construction work and performing start-up tests. The Éole project: scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC) As part of the project to extend the RER E urban railway line to the west of Paris (the Éole project), Assystem – in association with the Louis Berger Group – has been tasked by the project manager, SNCF Réseau, with an SCMC assignment relating to all of the project’s players, civil engineering works and systems, for the section of the line running between the Haussmann-Saint-Lazare and Nanterre la Folie stations. This new line, whose central section runs through a hyper densely populated area, entails the construction of 8km of new infrastructure and requires an exceptional level of works for which planning and coordination services are absolutely vital. Following Assystem’s acquisition of TBQG in late 2017, in 2018 the Group created Assystem Care, which operates in France, Switzerland and Belgium through a team of some 400 specialist engineers dedicated to the life sciences sector. Assystem Care – which has brought together the life sciences activities of Assystem and TBQG – now ranks among the market leaders in its three host countries. The creation of Assystem Care has given the Group’s life sciences business greater visibility with both clients and employees, has built its image as an employer, and marks an important step towards achieving Assystem’s goals for life sciences engineering. AN INNOVATIVE AND DIGITAL COMPANY The “Imagine” innovation programme – a platform for helping clients meet new engineering challenges Whether in energy or infrastructure, the DNA of projects is mutating, making them increasingly complex to carry out and bringing heightened constraints in terms of functionality, cost control, lead times, and safety and security in order to meet general demand for transparency and ensure regulatory compliance. Against this backdrop, engineering needs to reinvent itself. And to do that the industry must draw on young talent across a wide range of disciplines and implement new approaches to innovation that embrace the concepts of joint development and mobilising the ecosystems of know-how and technology. These are the goals of the “Imagine” programme launched in 2018, which is structured around three main pillars. First, developing skills and the Group’s employer appeal through innovation. Second, developing new systems engineering methods by using technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Plant Life Cycle Management (PLM), data processing and artificial intelligence. And third, creating real innovation ecosystems by jointly developing projects with clients, start-ups, public and private research institutes, universities and engineering schools. THE CREATION OF A LEADER IN LIFE SCIENCES ENGINEERING IN FRANCE, BELGIUM AND SWITZERLAND

in site characterisation (through its Turkish subsidiary, Assystem Envy) and its local knowledge obtained through its Saudi-based subsidiary,

Assystem Radicon. El Dabaa contract

In October 2018, Assystem signed a contract to help the project contractor obtain the licences and permits required for building a new nuclear power plant in El Dabaa in Egypt – a project led by Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear corporation. Akkuyu contract In December 2018, Assystem signed a major contract with Rosatom to supervise the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey over a six-year period. The Group’s Turkish subsidiary – Assystem Envy – had previously carried out site characterisation studies for this plant and already provides other services to the project company in charge of developing the plant, Akkuyu Nükleer. MAJOR CONTRACT WINS AND RENEWALS FOR NUCLEAR ENGINEERING IN FRANCE Project management contract with EDF In early December 2018, Assystem, along with other companies, was awarded two units of work under the framework project management contract for all of EDF’s operations in France. These two units of work correspond to project management assistance and overall assistance with project management and coordination. The contract has a three- year term with a two-year extension option. The expertise of ECP (which was acquired by Assystem in late 2017) was a key factor in this contract win. Renewal of framework agreements for the Grand Carénage programme Assystem is involved in the “Grand Carénage” programme launched by EDF in 2008 to strengthen the maintenance and extend the lifespans of the existing nuclear power plants in France. In the first half of 2018, the various framework agreements pursuant to which Assystem supports this programme were renewed for a four-year period. The services provided under these agreements in 2018 particularly related to the fourth ten- yearly inspection (VD4) of the Tricastin site, which is the model site for 900 MW reactors under the Grand Carénage programme. Contract wins and renewals with the Orano Group In 2018, the Project Business Unit of the nuclear engineering group, Orano (Orano Projets), renewed its framework agreements with Assystem relating to command and control processes, and also signed a new framework agreement for mechanical engineering services. The Group’s long-standing collaboration with Orano DGP and Orano Cycle also continued during the year, with the signature of various framework agreements, covering recycling engineering, decommissioning, waste recovery and processing, commissioning services (tests and start-up support) and production assistance.


In order to help improve the performance of SNCF’s mainline stations, during 2018 SNCF Réseau tasked Assystem with performing a number of audits, first at Montparnasse station in Paris and subsequently at other major stations across France. Assystem successfully completed these audits thanks to a combination of its recognised skills in operational




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