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The main EPCM projects the Group is currently working on concern (i) buildings and electrical easements for ITER, (ii) ancillary buildings for EPRs in the UK, and (iii) the nuclear portion of the CIGEO radioactive waste storage project. Design engineering This business area covers design, assistance with configuration management, logistical support, customisation and research into the related risks. In the nuclear sector, the focus of Assystem’s design engineering work is on demonstrating how operators can meet their safety objectives, which is done by analysing risks and verifying the resistance of systems based on scenarios of attacks and internal failures. For its operations and design support services, Assystem has in-depth multi-sector expertise and its wealth of experience includes signalling designs for SNCF Réseau, mechanical and fluids systems designs, Balance of Plant analyses for the energy sector, detailed designs for the conventional turbine islands of EDF’s nuclear power plants, designs of elementary and command/control systems, and materials classification analyses. The main contracts that Assystem is currently working on in this domain cover its traditional order book in France (particularly for EDF) as well as infrastructure design studies in Saudi Arabia, notably for the Royal Commission. Systems integration When providing systems integration services for complex projects, Assystem draws on its expertise in automation and the construction of buildings intended for complex processes. These services not only cover the installation phase but continue right through to the commissioning tests for the processes themselves. The Group’s experience in this area covers a wide range of fields, including the maintenance of command and control systems for nuclear power plants and other nuclear equipment, the cybersecurity of an energy transmission network, the safety of nuclear facilities and public transport networks, and energy efficiency. Assystem won three major international contracts in 2018, demonstrating the strength of its strategy and its ability to export its nuclear engineering expertise. K.A.CARE contract In late June 2018 Assystem was awarded a major contract by K.A.CARE, the authority in charge of developing renewable and nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia. This contract – which was won after an international invitation to tender launched by K.A.CARE – involves site characterisation studies (geological and seismic analyses, etc.) as well as impact studies (environmental and demographic effects and the impact on electricity grids). The services will be rendered over a period of eighteen months and form part of the project to build Saudi Arabia’s first nuclear power plants. The Group won the contract thanks to the synergies it is able to leverage between its long-standing expertise in the nuclear sector, its specific skills Significant events for E&I in 2018 MAJOR NEW INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS WON FOR NUCLEAR ENGINEERING


2018 key figures Revenue: €391.3 million EBITA: €27.3 million Employees: 4,680

Assystem’s Energy & Infrastructure (E&I) division works with nuclear utilities companies and contractors, players in the conventional and renewable energy sectors, designers and operators of transport infrastructure and other complex infrastructure, and life sciences companies, providing them with the expertise it has built up through its long experience in the nuclear industry and infrastructure engineering in environments with complex operating conditions and/or stringent safety requirements. E&I operates in France and internationally in the nuclear, energy, and infrastructure (collective and industrial) markets and its clients are generally large prime contractors. It specialises in research instruments, electricity production plants and the fuel cycle, urban and regional transport systems, site decommissioning and waste processing. It is a well-established player in both infrastructure transformation (new methods of producing and storing electrical energy) and digital transformation (project development and providing secure solutions for users). E&I’s engineering operations are structured around technical and project departments and its business areas include project management consultancy; engineering, procurement and construction management; design engineering; and systems integration. Project Management Consultancy (PMC) PMC services generally include assistance with the construction and start-up phases as well as for commissioning tests, with the design and performance of safety tests forming a particularly important aspect. The main PMC projects currently being carried out by Assystem are for (i) EDF (assistance for power plant activities such as on-line maintenance and outages, as well as for the construction of the EPR at Flamanville, France), (ii) Société du Grand Paris (concerning the creation of the new Grand Paris Express transport network), (iii) SNCF (the Éole project), (iv) CEA (in the areas of defence, decommissioning and waste collection and processing), (v) the ITER project based in Cadarache, France, (vi) ENEC, the operator for the civil nuclear reactors being built in the United Arab Emirates (construction and commissioning management, including tests and assistance with the start-up phase), (vii) K.A.CARE, the authority in charge of developing renewable and nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia (site characterisation and impact studies), and (viii) the Rosatom Group, a leading nuclear industry player based in Russia (construction supervision in Turkey and licensing in Egypt).

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)

Assystem provides EPCM services across all project phases, from design through to decommissioning. Its expertise in this area covers new projects as well as decommissioning and waste recovery and processing programmes.




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