Main projects underway in 2017 ARCHITECTURE AND MEGA TERMINALS ◆ Asia-Oceania:

◆ Central Asia – East Africa – Middle East: ◆ Mozambique: ADP Ingénierie received ADM’s ( Aéroports du Mozambique ) provisional allocation to implement the master plans of the country’s first 5 airports following a very competitive international invitation to tender. ◆ Europe – Maghreb – Americas: ◆ Botswana: Francistown International airport. ADP Ingénierie participated in creating the master plan of the airport to organise the planning of the airport space over the next 30 years; ◆ Luxembourg: Luxembourg International airport. Study the extension of the passenger terminal. The contract relates to a programmission and APS for the extension of the luggage sorting and terminal system; ◆ Cuba: T2 and T3 for Havana airport. SYNERGIES WITH GROUPE ADP ◆ At Paris-Orly: after having implemented the CCTP maintenance as part of a first contract related to the project for the compliance of luggage sorting with the safety regulation in the South Orly terminal, ADP Ingénierie was entrusted with the follow-up of the preparation for the maintenance of the STB lot. ◆ At Paris-Charles de Gaulle: ◆ continued supervision of the deployment of the BHS systems of satellites S3 and S4; ◆ continuation of the studies carried out, transition to the supervision phase of works for the renovation of terminal 2B and creation of the BD link. ◆ Building Information Modelling (BIM): ◆ many assignments to provide technical assistance and modelling of future and/or existing buildings. ◆ Promotion and integration of the use of drones developed by Groupe ADP’s Innovation Hub for airport activities. ◆ Promotion and integration of drone detection and neutralisation systems, with Groupe ADP’s Innovation Hub. Strategy: ADP Ingénierie, airport expert, 360° natural long-term partner of its customers ADP INGÉNIERIE REORGANISED ITSELF IN 2017 TO BE CLOSER TO ITS CUSTOMERS ADP Ingénierie carries out audit, design, supervision and advisory tasks on all types of airport infrastructure. It aims to support customers throughout the airport value chain. To this effect, while continuing the geographical re-balancing of its customer portfolio started in 2016, ADP Ingénierie is transforming its organisation and range of services in line with its five year development strategy. GREATER GEOGRAPHICAL AND CULTURAL PROXIMITY TO CUSTOMERS Although already present in 16 countries worldwide, particularly with a major branch in Dubai, ADP Ingénierie has reviewed its organisation to be closer to its customers by creating three Business Units bringing together all of the company’s operations: ◆ Europe, Maghreb, West Africa and Americas for the business unit headquartered in Paris; ◆ Middle East, Central Asia and East Africa for the business unit headquartered in Dubai; ◆ Asia and Oceania for the business unit headquartered in Hong Kong.

◆ Nepal: Tribhuwan international airport, Kathmandu: continuation of the contract for designing the new international terminal (95,000 sq.m., 4 to 7.5 million passengers) and transforming the current international terminal into the domestic terminal), designing the extension of the cargo terminal, maintenance hangars, VVIP building, and the entire landside and airside infrastructure; ◆ Thailand: Suvarnabhumi International airport, Bangkok. Designing the 3 rd runway and taxiways and related equipment; ◆ China: Beijing International airport. ADP Ingénierie is entrusted with a simulation study of flows of all types, with the airport facing increasing saturation; ◆ Indonesia: Yogyakarta airport. ADP Ingénierie was chosen by Virama Karya (VK), Indonesian design office, to assist it in its project to design the main facilities of the future Yogyakarta International airport for which it is in charge. The aim is to bring our airport expertise to challenge VK’s proposals in the form of a terminal design review. ◆ Central Asia – East Africa – Middle East: ◆ Bahrain: Manama International airport. ADP Ingénierie continues its mission as designer of the new airport with a supervisory role now to oversee the ongoing construction; ◆ Ras Al Khaimah airport: after the architectural design contract for the extension of the existing terminal and the VVIP pavilion in 2016, ADP Ingénierie was entrusted with a study mission for the refurbishment of airport pavements in 2017; ◆ Kenya: Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi. Following the refurbishment of the existing runway and the construction of a new aircraft parking area, which were delivered on 11 May 2016, a new contract was concluded for the design of a second runway and technical buildings, ADP Ingénierie was entrusted with the design of the refurbishment of passenger terminals 1B, 1C and 1D (capacity of 7.8 million passengers, for a total capacity of 10.3 milliion with 1A not refurbished). ◆ Europe – Maghreb – French-speaking Africa - Americas: ◆ Benin: new airport of Cotonou in Glo Djigbe. Delegated project management. Estimated capacity of 2.5 million passengers; ◆ Zanzibar: Abeid Amani Karume International airport. Revival of the contract for the supervision of construction work on terminal 2; ◆ Chile: Commodore Arturo Merino Benitez airport. Continued commitment to the Groupe ADP/Vinci Construction/Astaldi consortium for the construction of terminal 2 and refurbishment of the existing terminal and the aeronautical infrastructure. Estimated capacity of 30 million passengers; ◆ Haïti: Toussaint Louverture International airport (Port-au-Prince). Supervision of the renovation of the airport’s runway, financed by BID; ◆ Panama: Tocumen International airport, Panama city. Continuation of the project of supervision of the work on the new terminal. STRATEGIC PLANNING OFFERING ◆ Asia-Oceania: ◆ Vietnam: Tan Son Nhat International airport, Ho Chi Minh city. Study of the capacity for extension of the existing airport. Its current traffic of approx. 36 million passengers has seen growth of more than 20%; ◆ Taïwan: Matsu Islands airports. New airport security studies and optimisation feasibility study of the existing airport.



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