Real estate business at the Paris-Le Bourget airport Groupe ADP has significant areas available for development to the South of Paris-Le Bourget airport. The feasibility study for a real estate complex, serviced by line 17 of the Grand Paris subway, including the renovated air museum, a recreational centre, services and retail, hotels and service industries, was carried out in 2016. As of today, the project is delayed considering the complexity of the legal arrangements and financing of the future museum. In the southern sector of the airport, Groupe ADP, which owns 46 hectares of the Paris-Le Bourget exhibition park, reached an agreement in December 2016 with the International Air and Space Show, the current occupant, to extend the lease agreement of the site for a period of 30 years from 2025. This agreement was made possible by obtaining the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 and hosting the media centre on the site. A technical feasibility study for the development of the land reserve located on the northwest side of Paris-Le Bourget airport in the municipality of Bonneuil (approximately 30 hectares) was carried out in 2017 (creation of a business park). Half of it will be used for real estate

diversification projects, and the other half will be dedicated to the airport’s aviation business. Groupe ADP is studying the purchase of land adjoining the airport zone which will enable strengthening of the development potential of Paris-Le Bourget airport for aviation activities. Groupe ADP, as developer of the land, co-investor and co-operator, and André Chenue (subsidiary of the Horus Finance group), as co-investor and co-operator, signed a construction lease commitment and an off-plan lease commitment for setting up an art conservation centre covering a surface area of 24,800 sq.m. located in the eastern part of the Paris- Le Bourget airport. As developer of the airport city, Groupe ADP thus enhances its land reserves and confirms its major involvement in the development of the Paris region airport system, creating wealth and jobs for the region. In addition, development feasibility studies were carried out between 2015 and 2017 on the General Aviation airfields of Saint-Cyr-l’École and Lognes. These made it possible to propose a programme for these sites. A 12 hectare mixed activities/housing (300 dwellings) district is to be developed for St. Cyr. A 30 hectares business district is to be constructed in Lognes, after modification of aviation easements. For this last project, a partnership agreement was signed with local authorities and partners.

International and airport development The “International and airport developments” segment consists of the businesses within Aéroports de Paris’ subsidiaries and holdings that operate airport management and engineering activities. Created in 2012 and renamed in 2014, this segment includes ADP International (formerly Aéroports de Paris Management), ADP Ingénierie, and the holdings in Schiphol Group and TAV Airports. The stake in TAV Construction was sold in July 2017.

Operating income from ordinary activities (including operating activities of associates)





2017 (12) (12) 280

2017 (39)



(in millions of euros)

ADP International ADP Ingénierie TAV Airports 1 TAV Construction 2 3


-€8 M

-€12M -€17M

-€43 M -€18 M


-€23 M +€616 M

(13) 219



+€220 M +€78 M

- - -


0 -


12 19

Schiphol Group 2


-€7 M -€8 M

Others TOTAL



(12) 186


+ €585 M


+€249 M

+€235 M

1 Consolidation of TAV Airports from 1 July 2017 – see chapter 9, “Highlights of the 2017 financial year”. 2 Associate. 3 Disposal of the interest in TAV Construction on 20 July 2017.

the Asian Region. A reinforcement of the dedicated international teams supports this change. The objective of this new organisation is to deploy an integrated offer and reinforced sectorial expertise, with greater proximity to customers. It will provide an essential source of growth in order to achieve the value creation objectives set out in Groupe ADP’s strategic plan, Connect 2020. ADP International (formerly Aéroports de Paris Management) Wholly-owned by Aéroports de Paris, ADP International’s activity is airport management and equity investment in airport companies outside Paris. The equity stakes held by ADP International are as follows: ◆ Belgium: a 25.6% stake in the Belgian company Liege Airport since 1999. This company manages the Liège-Bierset airport, which is the

Management of international activities with ADP International In 2017, Groupe ADP brought together the management of international activities under ADP International, with its 100% owned subsidiary, ADP Ingénierie. ADP International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris is responsible for the entire international scope of Groupe ADP, including monitoring the interest in TAV Airports and Schiphol Group. Its ambition is to deploy all the expertise and innovations of Groupe ADP, which serves over 228 million passengers 1 and 26 airports worldwide. The Group’s three main international businesses are now under the same management: investments, airport operations and engineering-innovation. ADP International will benefit from the support of a strong local network, thanks to the three regional offices: in Istanbul for the Africa and Middle East Region, in New York for the Americas Region and in Hong Kong for

1 Calculation taking into account TAV Airports traffic at 100% in 2017.



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