nine years, primarily in terminals 2D, 2E (hall K and hall L), 2F, 1 and 3 of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Select Service Partner was retained after public consultation. Each partner holds 50% of the capital and has rights to 50% of the company’s earnings and reserves. EPIGO shares are inalienable for nine years, until December 2024. Moreover, the Articles of Association for Aéroports de Paris allow for each of the partners to exclude the other partner and force the sale of its shares in the case of violation of a clause in the Articles of Association, or the bankruptcy or reduction in the capital of the partner in question to below the legal minimum. In addition, Groupe ADP can exclude Select Service Partner should there be a change in its control or in the event of termination or expiry of all contracts drawn up with Aéroports de Paris setting out the terms of the Company’s presence within Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Groupe ADP and Select Service Partner have set up a joint, balanced management framework through several governance bodies: ◆ a chairmanship held by a company, SARL EPIGO Présidence, where the two joint managers are a representative of Select Service Partner, and a representative of Groupe ADP; ◆ a collective body known as the “Council”, which consists of four representatives for each partner, as well as the Chairmanship of EPIGO; ◆ an Executive Management team, whose role is to manage EPIGO from an operating standpoint. Strategy Through this joint company, Aéroports de Paris aims to further improve the reception and services provided to passengers, who will now enjoy a diversified and updated offering consisting of leading international brands and brands embodying the best of French gastronomy. At end 2017, EPIGO managed 38 restaurants over a total surface area of 4,480 sq.m. across all terminals of Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Industrial services revenue Industrial services include the production and supply of heat for heating purposes, through the use of thermal installations and hot water distribution networks, the production and supply of cold for the air conditioning of installations, through the use of refrigeration stations (powered by electricity) and cold water distribution networks, the supply of drinking water and the collection of waste water, waste collection and the supply of electricity. Most of the electricity used at the airports is purchased externally, although Groupe ADP does have some generating capability to cover its aviation facilities immediately in the event of an interruption in supply. The passenger service offering As part of its constant concern to improve passenger satisfaction and the services provided to its customers, Aéroports de Paris has put in place a vast range of services, which it is continually adapting. Passenger information Passengers using Groupe ADP’s Parisian airports can call a single telephone number 24/7 (3950) with an interactive voice server to obtain information quickly or speak directly with one of our agents. In order to facilitate passenger connections, Hub One, a subsidiary of Groupe ADP, has rolled out a Wi-Fi network that enables the public to connect to the internet free of charge. Almost 100 touch-screen information points in 11 languages have also been installed at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The website is being adapted to the mobile format to handle the increasing use of smartphones. The Paris Aéroport application is available

in 11 languages on iPhone and Android (more than 1.3 million downloads) and is also evolving to help passengers: ◆ organise their journey and save time: thanks to the “My Travel Assistant” functionality, passengers can obtain all essential information from their point of departure to their boarding gate with a single click: flight status, terminal, check-in zone, boarding gate. They can access a comparison of transportation methods to the airport with travel times and prices as well as a selection of retail offerings and terminal services. The new parking module enables booking car parks at the airport as well as plane tickets and destination hotels; ◆ real-time information: passengers can access their flight information by scanning their boarding pass or a history of schedule searches; as on their smartphone, passengers can find all essential information about their journey on their Apple Watch and display the access code for their parking booking linked to their favourite travel assistant on the screen, as well as all flight notifications. Paris Worldwide magazine and its mobile app available on Apple and Android smartphones offer passengers tourist and cultural information on Paris and highlight commercial offerings and news at Paris airports. Loyalty programme Groupe ADP launched its new loyalty programme My Paris Aéroport in 2016. The free, 100% digital programme is available to everyone. It enables us to get to know and reward our most frequent fliers. It provides a range of services to facilitate travel, including free high-speed Wi-Fi, permanent discounts and points convertible to purchase vouchers for partner shops and parking spaces bookable online as well as benefits from our partners (currency exchange and luggage services). The virtual loyalty card is accessible via the Paris Aéroport application. In October 2017, the My Paris Aéroport loyalty programme joined up with the Air France-KLM Flying Blue loyalty programme making it possible to convert the loyalty points earned into Flying Blue Miles. Online shops With close to ten new services bookable online, including some exclusive ones, Paris Aéroport has made a leap in the tourism sector in France and now offers all of its passengers, one of the largest ranges of airport services. For travellers arriving in Paris : having booked his flight on the site, the traveller can choose several options for his luggage (simple protection or follow-up using an RFID chip), a car park, if he comes with his vehicle, or even a hotel room at the airport, from Paris, it will be just as easy to rent a car but also book his hotel(s). For travellers arriving in Paris: from their country of origin, they can book their flight using the Paris Aéroport app. or the website, to leave the airport, they will have the choice between renting a car or finding the necessary information at the Tourist Information points to take public transport (Direct Bus, RATP bus, RER), they will be able to go to their hotel, also reserved with the Paris Aéroport app., to enjoy the best of Parisian culture, they will have the opportunity to book their tickets for the Chateau de Versailles, cruises on the Seine or some fifty odd museums or monuments with the Paris Museum Pass. To make sure you have not forgotten anything, all information is available on My Assistant, accessible from the website or the Paris Aéroport app. Every month, the website has nearly 1 million first-time visitors. Visits to the website using mobile devices has been increasing significantly every year and reached an average of 44% (+4 points over 2016), with peaks of over 50% during certain months of the year.



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