passengers” (8 th place), “shopping” (8 th place), “leisure activities” (9 th place), “best terminal” with hall M of terminal 2E (7 th place). ENCOURAGE EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT Achievement of Groupe ADP’s goals is made possible by the commitment and involvement of employees who share these goals and common values. With respect to working and management methods, the Group intends to change managerial practices by laying the foundation for a shared culture to encourage operating modes carrying accountability, transversality and cooperation. The “Attitude Manager” project organises training for all managers, combined with a major in-house mobility programme to promote career development within the Group and internationally. In addition, a set of measures is being deployed to change individual practices, assist teams with transformation projects and adapt the overall organisation. Groupe ADP intends to increase the level of employee satisfaction and commitment reflected in the results of surveys carried out by the independent institute “Great Place to Work”. PROMOTE GROUPE ADP BRANDS This two-tier identity, the Group brand “ Groupe ADP ” and a traveller’s brand “ Paris Aéroport ”, helps increase awareness of the Group among its customers and partners, both in France and abroad, as well as unite employees. The brand embodies the airport’s leadership goal in terms of assisting the development of all group activities and will be built primarily on the experience of customers who use our facilities. The identity is supplemented by a programme of 20 commitments to our passenger customers, our airline customers, the regions and employees, which was implemented in 2017. Groupe ADP is also implementing actions so that its “ Paris Aéroport ” brand is more visible in the terminals thanks to cultural events and the development of digital communications. By fully promoting its identity, the Group intends to become the first real airport brand in the world. The brand will inspire trust and reflect the promise to its customers in terms of quality of service, “ Paris vous aime ”. EXPAND: Stimulate and share sustainable growth Groupe ADP’s third priority is to create new value via a global offering for its customers, for the development of the region and to export its know-how to other markets. To do so, Aéroports de Paris can count on its in-depth knowledge of the principal airport businesses to understand the challenges facing each one, optimise the relationships between players, operate in a network, promote partnerships that create value and conquer The challenge is to unite the extended airport community through cooperative projects required for the development and competitiveness of the Paris market place. On-time flights and cargo are symbolic of this unifying role that Groupe ADP can play for the benefit of the entire airport chain. Thanks to its collective commitment, the Group intends to increase Paris’ leadership in European cargo and improve the on-time performance of flights at Paris-Charles de Gaulle by 2020. To this effect, 2017 was marked by the signing of the extension of the agreement with FedEx up to 2048 and the launch of the CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) certification process of Paris-Charles de Gaulle, in association with IATA (International Air Transport Association) to guarantee a global standard for the transport of pharmaceutical products. Moreover, as part of the close collaboration with the French Air Navigation Services Division (DSNA), the RunWay Status Lights (RWSL) system, designed to inform crews and vehicle drivers of the occurrence of a runway incursion, was deployed in 2017 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. new markets, particularly abroad. BE A SOLUTIONS INTEGRATOR

This implementation, which falls under the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the programme air transport improvement programme of the European Commission, was a first in Europe. GROW WITH TERRITORIES Regions and airports share the same strategic challenge, which is capturing global growth for the benefit of Paris. By ensuring connectivity with the rest of the world, airports provide an essential link for city development. In the competition between major world cities, having an airport system which includes Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget is a considerable asset. Groupe ADP wants to sustainably anchor its activity and contribute to the economic and social development of the city and the regions surrounding the airports. For this purpose, CONNECT 2020’s strategy is to proactively develop routes in order to increase the long-haul network to/from Paris. CDG Express, essential project for the appeal of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and the image of Paris, made further progress in 2017 with the publication of the Prefectoral Decree amending the declaration of public interest of the project, its validation by the European Commission in terms of state aid rules and the European Parliament’s approval of the role of the French government as lender to the Company, whose majority stake is held by Groupe ADP and SNCF Réseau responsible for the financing, design, construction and maintenance of the project infrastructure. These key steps for the continuation of the project make it possible to confirm that the project is in line for the CDG Express link to be opened by end of 2024. This rail link will adapt access to Paris- Charles de Gaulle airport for increased traffic and improve the quality of the passenger experience. The group also intends to strengthen its presence at the heart of local economies by becoming a leading player in Grand Paris. Finally, the Group is strengthening its actions in the fight against climate change and aims to improve its energy efficiency by 1.5% per year over the 2016-2020 period. It also announced its ambition to reduce CO 2 emissions to by 65% at the three Paris airports between 2009 and 2020. In 2017, the ISO 50001 certification of the energy management system obtained in June 2015, was confirmed by the follow-up audit. Also, in 2017 the Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airports maintained their certification to the ISO 14001 standard as well as the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) level 3 certifying management of internal and external greenhouse gas emissions. CONQUER NEW MARKETS Groupe ADP has deployed its international development strategy as part of its ambition to become a world leader in the design and operation of airports. The Group acquired an additional 8.12% of TAV Airports’ capital, taking its stake to 46.12%, which increases its involvement in this strategic asset. The expansion of Groupe ADP abroad enables it to take advantage of some of the opportunities offered by increased global traffic. It aims to strengthen its position in regions in which it already has operations and develop in regions with high growth potential. For example, a contract to take exclusive control of Airport International Group (“AIG”), concessionaire of Queen Alia International airport in Amman, Jordan, was signed at the end of 2017. Over time, the group plans to expand its airport portfolio by targeting new significant acquisitions abroad. The group’s 2020 objectives CONNECT 2020, Groupe ADP’s strategic plan, implements an industrial strategy to promote the overall competitiveness of the aeronautical sector and the regions, in line with the Economic Regulation Agreement 2016- 2020 signed on 31 August 2015.




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