The average number of employees can be broken down as follows:



Average number of employees

17,422 6,435

8,947 6,478

Aéroports de Paris SA

TAV Airports 1

8,418 1,603


Hub Safe Group 2 Hub One Group


456 392


ADP Ingénierie Group Média Aéroports de Paris ADP International Group

412 60

59 59


1 Average number of employees since the takeover of TAV Airports (see note 2). If the transaction had taken place on 1 January, the average annual workforce would have been 16,836. 2 Average number of employees over 9 months following the sale of Hub Safe at the end of September (see note 2).

law n° 2015-839 dated 9 July 2015 on minimum requirements for securing current annuities applicable to pension plans falling under article L. 137-11 of the French Social Security Code. In this context, Aéroports de Paris SA has opted for the Fillon tax on the premiums paid into the collective fund of the insurer (24%) for the defined benefit plan, and the tax on annuities paid by the insurer (32% for liquidations occurred from the 1 January 2013) for the other schemes. the main risk on these existing L. 137-11 plans at Aéroports de Paris SA would be the application of the Directive 2014/50/EU of European Parliament of 16 April 2014 on minimum requirements for enhancing worker mobility between Member States by improving the acquisition and preservation of supplementary pension rights: each member state shall adopt the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive by 21 May 2018; it will therefore lead to a significant increase the Group’s commitment. There are two defined benefit plans: ◆ a defined benefit plan – This plan is of additional type and relates to all employees; ◆ a supplementary pension scheme – This pension scheme is: ◆ of additional type for fire-fighters. The temporary pension is paid simultaneously with PARDA annuity, ◆ a life annuity and of differential type for a majority of the beneficiaries of the PARDA scheme. D. OTHER BENEFITS Aéroports de Paris SA provides other benefits to its employees generating a social commitment: ◆ an early retirement scheme PARDA (“ Protocole d’Accord de Régime de Départ Anticipée ”): this early retirement scheme consists of paying income replacement benefits during a temporary period before retirement of fire-fighters as well as the corresponding social

5.2 Post-employment employee benefits and other long term obligations 5.2.1 Description of the various benefits A. END-OF-CAREER INDEMNITIES The Group offers end-of-career indemnities to employees entitled to assert their right to retire. Benefit paid is in the form of a capital in months of salary based on seniority within the Group performed at the date of retirement. Employer contributions are due on this amount. The main non-financial risks (discount rate/salary escalation rate) and non-demographic risks (turnover rate) to this plan are the risks of increase in employer contributions applicable to the Group, renegotiation of rights defined by the company’s agreement and changes in the amount of the minimum legal retirement indemnity. For TAV Airports, which end-of-career indemnities account for 4% of the Group ’ s commitments, the computation of the fixed compensation for employees of entities operating in Turkey is performed in accordance with the existing labour law in Turkey. These indemnities are paid to employees who have completed one year of service and whose employment is terminated without cause or who retire, are called up for military service or die. Such payments are calculated on the basis of 30 days ’ pay maximum (TRL 4,732 as at 31 December 2017 (equivalent to €1,048) vs . TRL 4,297 as at 31 December 2016 (equivalent to €1,158)) per year of employment at the rate of pay applicable at the date of retirement or termination. B. HEALTH COVERAGE Aéroports de Paris SA contributes to financing the contribution of two mutual insurance agreements covering two closed populations of retired employees. The main risks identified are the risk of: ◆ increase in employers ’ contributions applicable to the financial participation of Aéroports de Paris SA; ◆ increase in medical costs incurred by the mutual, as they have an impact on the financial participation of Aéroports de Paris SA. C. DEFINED BENEFIT PLAN Aéroports de Paris SA provides additional retirement pensions and has insurance contracts to support in particular the management of annuity payments. Then, Aéroports de Paris SA is compliant with the

contributions and the Fillon tax of 50%; ◆ a long service award for its employees.



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