Maintain momentum for socially inclusive purchasing practices The work of the Mission Handicap and the Purchasing Department, with the involvement of advisory bodies, has made it possible to maintain momentum since 2014 in terms of the work being done to develop and perpetuate purchases with the sheltered and protected employment sector. These results also come from the partnership with the GESAT 1 , a major organisation in the sector, facilitating the relationship between Aéroports de Paris, its counterparts from ordering parties and the service providers. In 2017, Groupe ADP ordered services worth €938,000 from 21 suppliers in the sheltered and protected sector, in line with the annual target set out in the agreement on the employment of disabled persons. The services are very diverse in nature (cleaning of vehicles, collection of light waste, care of green spaces, small building maintenance projects, plan updates, post management, administrative work, catering and food trays, etc.) and 88% are covered by multi-year contracts. Moreover, for certain contracts to develop the Paris-Orly airport, Aéroports de Paris includes social inclusion clauses which commit suppliers to reserve working hours for people with social and professional difficulties. Social inclusion clauses have also been included in the contracts for works on the link between the South and West terminals at Paris-Orly. Increasing purchases from SMEs: a contribution to the Company’s local involvement As a signatory of the SME charter promoting partnerships between major companies and innovative SMEs, Groupe ADP intends to further develop its purchases from SMEs located in areas surrounding the airports. Its regular attendance at meetings with SMEs in the Île-de-France region and other regions, such as the Business Meetings in Grand Roissy in October 2017, reinforces its links with the local economic fabric. A barometer is sent to suppliers every year to elicit their evaluation of compliance with contractual commitments and payment deadlines and the quality of the partner relationship. The Purchasing Department obtained a rating of 80/100 in 2016 and 2017. Measures to promote the health and safety of consumers Airport safety Each airport has an airport security certificate covering infrastructures, operational procedures and the security management system. In 2017, Groupe ADP obtained the European Airport Security Certificate (mandatory for all airports receiving commercial flights and cargo) thus confirming the compliance of its operational processes on security, airport infrastructure and airport security management system to the extended requirements introduced by the European regulations. Groupe ADP sees its responsibilities extended in terms of airport safety (training in driving in movement zones, training in access to airside areas, increase in the zone of operational responsibility beyond the airport limits). Protecting people and facilities Regarding the protection of persons and facilities, the prevention policies adopted in response to the measures and regulations established by the State are proposed by the Airport Security, Risk Management and Compliance Division to the Airport Divisions. This concerns in particular measures relating to fire prevention in Establishments Open to the Public, and health protection (pandemic plan – updated in 2015). In 2016, at

the request of the Chairman and CEO, measures were implemented to reinforce security landside after the terrorist attacks that took place in November 2015. Within the framework of its status as an Essential Services Operator (ESO) and through the application of the operator safety plan (OSP), Aéroports de Paris establishes special protection plans (SPP), implemented by the Company’s departments concerned. According to the new national security directive (DNS), published in October 2015, Aéroports de Paris updated its OSP in 2016, in connection with the concerned departments. With regard to the Vigipirate Plan, the Airport Security, Risk Management and Compliance Division receives instructions from the State, analyses them and communicates them to the airport divisions and the various concerned entities, which are supported with advice regarding their implementation. The airport divisions and the Real Estate division are tasked with ensuring the safety of the property and buildings falling under their responsibility and of the people they shelter. In doing so they also ensure the respect of obligations lying with the landowner (brought up to sustainable development standards in particular). As they work towards protecting both aircraft and people, the winter viability units at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris-Orly Airport and Paris-Le Bourget Airport concentrate all the activities and techniques related to snow and de-icing, define the rules, procedures and operating modes in these areas. They cover airside activities (roads, taxiways, runways, de-icing zones, etc.) and landside activities (roads and car parks). Groupe ADP Corporate Foundation Groupe ADP’s Foundation represents the Company’s wish to increasingly link economic development and a commitment to serve the regional and human environment. The Foundation supports general interest projects in the regions where the Group operates in France and abroad, prioritising the fight against illiteracy and the prevention of school dropouts, predominantly for disadvantaged populations. Each project supported by the Foundation has a sponsor who is a company employee and acts as the “human” interface between the association leading the project and the Foundation. In 2017, 169 employees gave time out of their working or personal time to the supported associations through four involvement programmes: sponsorship, tutoring-coaching for young local high school students, expertise sponsorship or solidarity vacations. Inaugurated in 2017, the latter enabled three employees to take part in an international educational mission in Madagascar and Benin. The “Groupe ADP Foundation Prizes” encourage Company employees in their societal, humanitarian and associative commitments. The Employees’ Prize highlights the associations supported by the foundation by inviting Groupe ADP employees to vote for their favourite project. This year, an additional subsidy of €2,000 will be given to the La Cravate Solidaire Association for its “Helping hand workshops for young start-ups” project. The Foundation’s Favourite Prize , highlights employee commitment in an associative project which may in turn be supported by the Foundation. In December 2017, the Chairman and members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors awarded the “Foundation’s Favourite” prize to three associations carried by Group employees (The Real Me, Bethel and Salydarité) for an amount of €9,000. Groupe ADP’s Foundation is steered by a Board of Directors chaired by Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris – Groupe ADP, which sets the Foundation’s directions and monitors its control. Two selection committees meet once a year to analyse the supporting application files in the intervention areas covered by the statutes of the Foundation and set the amounts. In 2017, the Foundation paid €1,000,000 to 54 projects.

1 Grouping together of establishments and services promoting assistance through work.



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